Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Make an Impact.  My name is Peter Szpakowski and I am your host.
You may have noticed the name of my studio is 2mm Studios.  Today I will cover where the 2mm name came from and what does it stand for.
But first
This podcast is for anyone wanting to do better in life.  To perform at higher standard.  To accomplish more then they could ever imagine.  This podcast is about making an impact in your life.  Making an impact in other peoples life’s.  I give you the tools, tips, stories and motivation to go out and make an impact.
This is a leadership based podcast but it’s putting leadership tools together and make use of them in every area of your life and business to make an impact in your life and mostly others.  You see when we make an impact in others lives it comes back to us 10 fold.   It’s a podcast about why and how of what we do to improve performance.

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