A little effort goes a long way in life and business… Here is one thing to do that goes a long way

I recently bought a car.  It was a nice car and all cars are expensive these days.  About a week after I drove the car home I got a letter from the dealer/salesrep.  It was a nice letter that was all printed out on a piece of paper. The letter  had my name at the top.  But it and was a carbon copy type letter that could be sent to everyone who purchased a car from this dealer.  At the bottom was my sales persons name and a space for him to sign.  Only the sales person never signed the letter.  Now it was nice to get this letter don’t get me wrong but there was no personalization at all.  The sale person did not even sign where there was room for the signature.  I doubt it was my salesman who put the letter in the envelope and mailed it to me.



Life balance is not about how much time you spend on one thing or another.  It’s about being present where you are in any given particular time.  When your with family be present.  When you’re at work be present.

Peter Szpakowski

3 ways to continue learning and increase knowledge

All from the comfort of your own home

Time for the kids to go back to school and start learning again.  Funny how some of us can’t wait to get out of school and start with our own career, life, etc.  But do we ever stop learning?  Sure we learn about life and the ins and outs of what it takes to raise a family.  We learn about a career.  But what are some ways we can keep learning to better ourselves?  To learn about a hobby? To learn more about our career and how we grow as professionals?  Learn about personal development and living a well rounded life like this website teaches.  No matter what it is you want to learn or when there are countless resources to help you learn.

School Bus

People can now get equal to a college degree with free resources thanks to the Internet.  We have free resources that will change the way people get an education after high school.  Colleges will need to reinvent themselves to prove their worth at the rate these alternate methods are growing.

This week we will just touch on some pretty basic tools that people are using these days that are pretty common.  These are tools that can increase your knowledge in a matter of hours or even minutes.  Just think what a few short minutes a day over the course of a year would do for you.

Three Ways to keep learning without going back to school are:


This is a guaranteed way to improve energy and improve productivity

Clear your mind, clear you calendar, and clear your focus

With today being Labor Day in the United States I want to extend a challenge to every reader of this blog.  Unplug and enjoy the day.  No cell phone, no computer, and if your brave enough no TV!  It’s important for our bodies and our mind to recharge.  People need to take breaks during the day and during the week.  Unplugging can improve productivity!



Treasure ChestIf you want to find treasure you have to do some digging

3 Methods I used to weighing myself on a scale to lose over 30lbs and get under 15% body fat

Key timing to keep you motivated and achieve the best results

When I started my weight loss journey I tried every possible option when it came to taking my weight.  Different days of the week, different times of the day, different scales, etc.  I finally found 3 methods that I feel are the key to losing over 30lbs and getting under 15% body fat.  I am just like you.  I got frustrated not seeing the results I wanted as fast as I wanted.  Many times I thought I was doing a great job only to get on the scale and see that was not the case.  


These three methods I feel were the key to losing the weight and keeping it off for one year.