It’s getting close to the new year.  You know what that means…  Time for new years resolutions?  We also know new years resolutions don’t work.  Often they are last minute thoughts.  Not something we put much thought or planning into. Or maybe we are just doing it because everyone else is doing it.  I have never been much for new years resolutions but I have set annual goals every year.  I have been setting goals for myself for over 30 years.  I have found the best time to plan for annual goals (January – December) is in November of each year.

Each November I sit down and use a spreadsheet I have developed to plan out my annual goals. I am happy to say that I have been success most of the time at all these goals.

Setting Goals In November are 10 Times More Successful Than Those Set in January.

3 reasons I have found planning your next years goals in November are:

  1. Allows enough time to plan –   Planning in November allows plenty of time to set priorities.  It allows enough time to develop a strategy to do those goals.  Break down the goals into smaller goals.  You can add or remove goals before the new year.  It’s better to do that then just give up on resolutions.
  2. Not distracted by the Holidays –  December and even early January are crazy busy months.  Your mind is not in the right place to set what you want to do for an entire year.  Your more interested in getting that last minute gift.  Where your going for the Holidays, etc.  Give yourself some time and don’t get distracted by all the activities going on in December.
  3. Higher Success Rate – That is right.  If you set your goals in November your chances to complete those goals are 10 times more likely.  Your changes go down the closer  you plan to January.  So take some time now to plan your goals for the next year.

So the time is now.  Get out and plan your goals.  I’m attaching my planning spreadsheet for you free below.  All I ask for in return is to sign up for my email distribution list.  You can do that at the top of this page.  I have both excel and numbers formats.  There are many pages for each goal area you should plan.

For Numbers Template Click Here To Download

For Excel Template Click Here To Download

Action Based Training:  Download the spreadsheet and set some goals for yourself.  Pick 2 or 3 categories and write out 1 – 2 goals for each.


How do you plan your goals?  Do you plan goals?  Do you write them down?  Feel free to share how you do your new years resolutions in the comments section below.