I have always been a person who needed to have a task list. A list every day that I would work off of to get my work done. Did not matter if it was personal or business I always had a list. It would be painful in the days before smartphones and have to copy my tasks every day in my Franklin Planner. For those that don’t know what a Franklin Planner is because I am showing my age, it’s a form of a Calendar, Notes, and Task list in a 3 ring binder. Those were the days… Ha. Things got so much easier when we switched to smartphones right? Wrong! I tracked everything in my smartphone in Calendars, Notes, and Tasks lists. My favorite was the tasks lists and it still is my favorite today. I had task lists for Personal, Work, and Business. I would have 30 – 40 tasks to complete a day! And they were setup to auto repeat. This by no means is the right way to track tasks. Any task list close to this is overkill and will not help you progress or succeed in moving forward. In fact it will prevent you from moving forward because you lose sight in what the important tasks are.

I have found a way that I would like to share with each of you that helps ensure you are succeeding every day! Every day if you do this will help you move closer and closer to your goals.
If you following these steps I am going to outline below you will move closer and closer to success. You will move closer to accomplishing the most you ever have in your life every single day. There will be days that you accomplish more than others but you won’t be staying in the level of mediocrity. You will be a winner! You will succeed! And you will be the best you that you can be.

The 3 steps are actually 3 tasks. 3 tasks you will select in each area of your life that you will do every day to succeed. These are not some simple tasks like taking your vitamins or checking your email. These must be 3 tasks that will move you toward your end goal.

Here are the steps I use.

  1. Categories these three tasks into areas of your life. I have 3. Mine are Work, Personal, and Business.
  2. In each category select only 3 tasks you will do today to move you toward your goal. What 3 tasks will be the biggest impact on your outcome?
  3. Do the task that is going to have the biggest impact first. Usually this is the task that is the hardest to complete. When you do have a task list that is too long you will do every task before this one first just to check off a task for that day. It’s a quick rush mentally to check off a task no matter what it is. Checking off a task that is one of the hardest and will have the biggest impact will be even better.

Here are a few examples of how I would assign a task for the day. In my Personal and Business categories for each of the goals I want for each.

Personal Goal: Lose 20lbs.
Business Goal: Create a stream of income by building an income stream around online tutorials.

Personal Task List:

  1. Do 45 min of cardio work where my heart rate is in zone 3 and 4 for a combined time of 30+ minutes.
  2. Do not eat any sugar today. (At the end of the day if you have not had sugar check it off)
  3. Do not eat any flour today. (At the end of the day if you have not had flour check it off)

Business Task List:

  1. Work on Power Point Presentation used for Product.
  2. Setup Etsy and Amazon accounts to sell tutorial.
  3. Develop marketing plan for the sale of tutorial

You can have more tasks if you want but they will be bonus tasks. If you complete the 3 tasks in any one of your categories you can work on additional tasks. Try to keep to 3 tasks for the day and if you only get 1 done you are still headed in the right direction.

So there you have it. Follow this simple todo list and you will move towards being more successful. You will be more successful faster by doing this. I get so much more done in a day and move towards success more by doing 3 tasks then I did when I tracked 30 – 40 daily tasks.