I talk to so many people who think personal trainers are too expensive.  I have even felt that in the past.  Health problems that can follow are more devastating and way more expensive if you ask me.  I have a background in health and fitness.   My dad started having heart problems. I realized that I needed to get other peoples input to help me grow and increase my knowledge.  The cost of a personal trainer as great as it might seem is such a great return on investment.  I know some people that charge up to $250 per hour and I know now they are worth every penny.  No wait… I am worth every penny. The money I give to a personal trainer that is going to help me achieve my goals and increase my health is well worth it.

Did you know that even the smartest people in the world use coaches? The fittest people in the world use coaches or personal trainers. I have a background in bodybuilding and even the top bodybuilders in the world have coaches.  The greatest athletes in the world have coaches.  There is a reason why even the greatest and brightest people in the world use coaches.  They work!  But why do they work?  Here are 9 reasons why hiring a personal trainer is worth it.

1.Makes You Invested In Your Commitment – When we put money towards something we have a greater sense to stick to it.  We want to get our value out of it.  We work hard for our money and when we do we have a greater chance to sticking to the commitment.  Now it’s true we pay for gym memberships and then we don’t go but there is nobody holding us accountable.  That is reason number 2.

2.Holds you accountable – A good trainer will follow up on you on a missed workout.  They will also call you out if they feel you are not doing your part with your goals. i.e. Eating right, showing up to workout, working hard during your workout, etc.  They hold you accountable where they need to.  You also know the trainer is relying on you to show up so there is a sense you don’t want to let them down.

3.Variety to your workouts – One of the keys to keeping gains in the gym and losing weight is the variety in the exercises.  The different machines and intensity to each workout.  Do you run, walk, jog, lift a weight fast, slow, etc.  This adds variety to training.  Keeps your body guessing.  This actually causes you to burn fat and gain more muscle.  Trainers have a vast knowledge of different types of exercises.  The way to perform those exercises that also increase the likelihood of success.

4.Increases your chances of success – You are ten to one hundred times more likely to meet your goals with a personal trainer.  Not only does your chances increase when you have a personal trainer but it takes less time to meet your goals.

5.Efficiency – Did you know your body performs better at certain intensity levels?  Yes it is true that it takes a certain level of intensity to meet your goals.  For example, if your goal is to burn fat the intensity level is on the lower side than somebody that is training for an endurance competition.   A personal trainer can teach you where your intensity level needs to be to meet your goals.  I don’t know how many people I see in the gym that are overweight and a year later they are fatter.   They train like they are going to be in a marathon.  Efficiency in intensity levels are key.

6.Helps to define better goals and the steps to meet them–  If a personal trainer wants to sit down with you and set some goals it is worth it.  You don’t have to just exercise and in fact a great personal trainer will sit with you to define your goals.  They know how to define goals for you and they will show you the steps to do them.

7.Proper Instruction – Much like efficiency knowing how to move during an exercise is key.  Anybody can go and do the movements.  Knowing how to squeeze, flex, run, etc all play a role in the proper execution of an exercise.  Doing the exercises wrong and doing them just because you think you know how to do the exercise can lead to injury even sever injury.

8.Builds Social Engagement – We all want to have friends.  Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to meet new people.  You will meet their other clients or other people they know in the gym.  If you build a community of friends and supporters in the gym the more likely you will go to the gym even spend more time there.  The more time you spend in the gym and be more consistent in going to the gym the higher your chances of success.

9.The Results will show – The greatest reason to hire a personal trainer will be the results.  Both that you can see physically and the benefits your heart and health will have.

These are just some of the reasons hiring a personal trainer is a great idea.  Have you had a personal trainer?  What do you think?  Do you have good and bad experiences?  Let us know in the comments below.  Maybe go hiring a personal trainer and share your results here.  Nothing is better than reading others peoples success.  I love to hear the improvements you have made in health and life.  Good luck and train hard!

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