Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Quarter Cube (Compression Packing Travel Cube)

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Overall Quality Durability Cost
Love It! Great Great Medium
Design Handles Size Market
The fabric and colors are nice adding more design and more appeal then competitors. Handles are nice but not needed.  You won’t carry these very much but does make it easier when walking around the room while packing these. Just over a foot long making it a perfect size for 5 or 6 T-Shirts or 3 pairs of pants. Traveler or Gym Goer
Overall Comments Overall this is a great product.  I am very happy with it.  While I mainly use these bags to carry and transport my sweaty gym clothes it does allow me to keep my gym bag nice and stink free.  You know if you throw your sweaty clothes in your gym bag its just a matter of time before even your clean clothes smell like you have been to the gym.

For traveling I think this is great.  While I don’t use the one I use for stinky clothes I could wash it and I am sure it would be good for travel.  These do a great job compressing 4 or 5 XL T-Shirts or 2 or 3 pairs of pants and makes it easy to travel in your suit case or in your carry on.

Direct link to these Eagle Creek Compression Cubes

Have you every had a problem when you go to the gym and you get all sweaty and smelly and then when you are done working out you just throw your dirty clothes into your gym bag?  Or do you travel and when you get to your destination you go to unpack your clothes and your shirts and pants are a wrinkled mess where you need to iron them?  These eagle creek compressions cubes are for you if you answered yes to any of the two questions.
My current gym bag only has a main compartment. It doesn’t have those side compartments for shoes, dirty gym clothes, or wet swim suits.  My solution is the eagle creek compression cubes.  The medium size cube is perfect for my dirty shirt, shorts, socks, and other items.  It is also perfect for the damp swim suit after a days swim.  The nylon is water resistant so the dampness does not leak into the gym bag.
The medium size cube is also perfect for packing my T-Shirts for trips.  It compresses the clothing nice and tight and keeps them from getting tossed around in your suit case or carry on which causes wrinkling.  I can pack all my clothes in the medium and small cube other than pants for a 4 day trip.  Socks, Underwear, and shirts.
These cubes can be tossed in the wash if they do start to pick up and stink from workout clothes.  I have not had that issue yet and so far since I have been using them my gym bag has not smelled bad at all.
Compress clothing and increase space inside your travel bag with this compression cube set from Eagle Creek. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set is made from silnylon ripstop fabric. The fabric is pretty durable.  It doesn’t snag and puts up with some of the heavier items I have in my gym bag like a weight lifting bet, shower shoes, workout shoes, and even some bars to use when working out.
The quick grab handle makes them easy to carry one or multiple at the same time.
I got these from ebags and I would highly recommend.  They are worth the monty and will save the wear and tear and the stink of your other bags.
Likes Dislikes
  • The fabric is great
  • Holds 5 XL T-Shirts
  • Compact
  • The compression zipper allows me to make it an even tighter fit so my clothes don’t shift and wrinkle.
  • Water Resistant
  • Cost is a little high for compression cubes but for quality and being sealed with no ventilation holes allows me to use it for my dirty clothes gym insert for my gym bag.

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