Do you know anybody or have worked for anybody that would not make a decision even to save their own life? How about somebody that goes back and forth between two decisions (A Flip Flopper). How about the person that wants data, more data, more data, and then puts it in a dozen different charts and graphs and still contemplates what decision to make? That is what you call “Paralysis by Analysis”.

Research shows most decisions don’t have to be that difficult. Most decisions in fact are decisions we can make by first instinct. Our gut by experience or first thought helps guide us. Have you ever been told that when taking a test your first guess is usually the correct answer? The same goes for decisions in our life and business.
Because of this leaders and people faced with decisions can usually make decisions quickly. Sure there will be those decisions where there is money or investments involved where we would typically take more time in making a decision. But decisions that impact projects, operations, daily work activities, and other areas can be done quickly.

Why should decisions be made quickly? Here are 3 reasons why.

  1. Your gut instinct or first instinct is typically the best one. It is the one that you will draw closest too and one that you would have the best or most experience dealing with. You are leading the decision and you will help best guide the people involved the best way you can.
  2. Quick decisions if wrong can often be reversed. Educated Risks are a must in business and gives people the competitive advantage. Any decision even if done quick will often work but if not you just back step and take the next best option.
  3. It prevents you from weighing your options too much. Yes we do want to weigh our options when making a fast decision. When we start to weigh our options too much we often start second guessing. Second guessing your options will level out all your options. Your options will feel the same risk or gain value and will often make your instinct less obvious.

Have you had to make a quick decision? What did you do to help come to your final decision? Feel free to share below.