I have been studying goal setting and accomplishing more in your life and business for almost 30 years. I have seen people do and define goals many different ways. Some have worked and some have not. Some might say drive and determination contributes. Some might say that how you define a goal determines how successful you are. I still believe there is one more thing that out weighs all. I started studying Anthony Robbins tactics and principles when I was seventeen years old. I was a young entrepreneur and bodybuilder at that time. I took every opportunity to learn more in these areas of my life. I remember him saying one thing that stuck out more than others. One thing that when I started doing it I was unstoppable.

It is true there are ways that setting goals will help you be more successful in accomplishing them. One thing that stands out that when I have done it I have been success each time.

When somebody raises their standards there is a feeling and commitment deep down inside of them that they will do whatever it takes. We don’t always get our goals or when we do them we still feel like a part of what we did was not enough. Many times parents raise their standards and do things for their kids.  They never want them to go through what they did or they want their kids to have better things than they did. When we do that we do whatever we can to make sure they get it.

Imagine if you set the standards to never eat fast food again. Raise standards in the way you spend your free time. Set standards in your exercise program that push yourself. To raise the standards in the products and services that you provide. PEOPLE WILL NOTICE!!! YOU WILL NOTICE!!!

You might not always get your goals but you always get your standards.

What are some things you can do now to raise standards in your life? What would be the benefits of doing that?

Action Based Training

For this week think of some standards you have. Take 20 – 30 minutes and write down the standards around some of your goals. Maybe it’s losing weight and your not spending enough time exercising.  Maybe not eating the right foods. Maybe your spending too much time at work in one area or browsing the web when you should be working. What are your standards around the quality of the food you are putting in your body? Once you get 10 – 15 standards written down think of how you can raise the bar on one or two of them. Ones you are passionate and believe in. Maybe you want to establish a new standard. Write one or two of them down and follow that.

Here are some as suggestions:

  • I will no longer drink soda
  • Exercise is important and I will exercise before I turn the TV on.
  • I will no longer browse the web at work and make better use of my time.

Let us know some of the standards you have raised or suggestions you have.