I have worked for many great leaders in my career.  Some of them had this trait but most did not.  But they were still good leaders.  The ones that had it are the ones I am still close to today.  The ones that didn’t I don’t hear from.  Which is understandable.  If you wanted to take your leadership to a level that most never do you need to work on your benevolence.

Constantly work on your ability, your integrity, your benevolence and your impact to improve your leadership.

What is benevolence?

Benevolence is a desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness.  An act of kindness, a charitable gift. Unselfishness, goodwill, big-heartedness, kindness, generosity, openhandedness, and just being a true caring person.

Any time I had a leader that showed benevolence it motivate me to do a better job.  I felt appreciated.  I felt like I was making a difference in an organization.  These were leaders that showed a true openhandedness.  Want to kill somebodies motivation and the desire to do a good job?  Just be the opposite.  Be degrading, not show appreciation, don’t say thank you, don’t show an interest in your people.  You will have them talking about you behind your back at any chance they have as well as spending the day looking for a different job.  They will leave you as a lead and spread words of disaster until they do.

How do you become more benevolent?  I do think this is hard for some people but 5 things I have found to help improve your benevolence are:

  1. Ask people how they are or how their loved ones are.  Talking with your team and showing compassion is a must.
  2. Give words of kindness and positive acknowledgement.
  3. Be open handed.  Ask if there is something you could do to help your team, co-worker, or loved one.
  4. Show your support when things are going hard with your team. Hand written letters of support are great.  Not email, not a printed note.  Buy some nice cards and write hand written letters to people.
  5. Brag about your team to other leaders.   Leave you out of it.  Give the credit to your team.

These are just some of the things you can do.  These are things I appreciated when my leader did them for me.  These are things my team appreciates when I do it for them.

Action Based Learning:

  • Here is your assignment this week.  Take some time and recognize somebody.  Do this through a personal hand written letter / card.  People will appreciate that you took the time to write a hand written note of appreciation.