I recently bought a car.  It was a nice car and all cars are expensive these days.  About a week after I drove the car home I got a letter from the dealer/salesrep.  It was a nice letter that was all printed out on a piece of paper. The letter  had my name at the top.  But it and was a carbon copy type letter that could be sent to everyone who purchased a car from this dealer.  At the bottom was my sales persons name and a space for him to sign.  Only the sales person never signed the letter.  Now it was nice to get this letter don’t get me wrong but there was no personalization at all.  The sale person did not even sign where there was room for the signature.  I doubt it was my salesman who put the letter in the envelope and mailed it to me.

If you want to make a great impression with somebody in business or in your personal life do things with some personalization.  A printed letter that is signed is ok as long as it is personalized to the person you are sending it to.  Make the person know you took some time and drafted the letter just for them.  Want to make an even better impression.  Hand write the letter even if you are a little sloppy.  It pays off and the person will feel that much more appreciated knowing you took the time out for them.