Six Pack Bags – Cube Meal Bag Product Review

Six Pack Bags – Cube Meal Bag Product Review

Six Pack Bags – Cube Meal Bag Product Review

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I am not an affiliate of six pack bags at this time.

Overall Quality Durability Value
Love It! Excellent Excellent Low – Medium
Design Handles Size Market
Not very fashionable Lacks comfort with the shoulder strap but the bag handle is well padded and comfortable Slightly larger then a kids lunch box Anyone
Overall Comments Overall I love this bag.  And for being under 40 bucks you can’t beat it for a lunch box.  This lunch box would last my kids for years and is way better then those cheap lunch boxes you get at the super market.  I love to use this bag to carry my lunch for work.  Keeps my lunch cold for hours.  I would recommend buying the hard shell ice packs and also purchase some glass pyrex containers just because they are better for you.
This is an overall review of the six pack bags Cube Meal Organizer.   I have been a customer of six pack bags since the company started.  I was part of a pilot program to answer questions about the prototype.  I am in no way an affiliate marketer for six pack bags at the time I write this.  Although I would fully support an affiliate relationship with them because I have loved their bags for a long time.  The quality in every single bag I have owned from them have been top notch.  I have owned 9 bags and have most of them today.  I have never had to throw away a bag.  I have actually given them away.
The exterior shell is a very durable fabric.  Made from a rugged ballistic nylon.  I had one bag that my mastiff tried to chew through and was unsuccessful.  This is a dog that tears apart car tires.  My kids lunch boxes have fallen victim to Tanks jaws and at 20 – 25 bucks a pop I don’t even want to do the math.  The exterior comes in several different prints.  So if you don’t like the black they have multiple others to choose from.  My favorite has to be the pizza print.  Now if they had donuts I may have to retire the black.  Just kidding.
The exterior shoulder strap is a little uncomfortable.  But for me I don’t use the shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap comes undone and you can tuck it in a side pocket incase you ever do have to use it and it won’t get lost.  The handle for the bag is a comfortable and durable handle.  If feels nice in your hand but also feels sturdy like it won’t tear.  With time this handle may take a shape that better fits your hand.
The interior is so cool.  I love the print.  I have loved bodybuilding ever since I can remember.  So the interior is one I wish they would put on the outside of the bag because that would be my number one pick.  The bag is insulated.  Have you ever taken a lunch to work and then decide to go out to eat.  I have multiple times.  Then you get home and forget about the lunch that was in your bag.  That lunch is good for the trash right?  Not if you have a six pack bag.  The insulation keeps the bag cool for hours.  I have left food in it for up to 15 hours and it was still ok.  I can now save that meal for the next day.  The money I have saved by not having to throw away food has paid for these bags 10 times over.
The interior organizer is great.  You have the option to remove it if you wanted to use it for a kids traditional lunch for a juice pack, sandwich, snacks etc.  I use two shelves in my unit. I don’t use the plastic containers that come with the bag very often.  I have bought several glass pyrex containers to use within my meal organizer bags.  They add a little weight but I find glass is healthier and easier to clean.  Also I pack chicken a lot and using a knife in the plastic containers leads to scratching down the road.  It seems like they have upgraded the gel packs.  I have had an issue with the gel backs breaking over time. They do offer hard shell ice packs that are custom fit for your six pack bags.  I would highly recommend picking up 4 of them for this bag.  Use two and rotate them on a daily basis to get a full freeze on the pack before the next use.
I recently switched my daily carry bag.  It used to be the six pack bags brief case.  This is also a good bag but what can I say… I’m addicted to different kinds of bags and wanted to switch it up a bit.  I am sure I will go back at some point and time.  This Cube Bag fits nice inside my daily carry and it would fit nice inside a kids backpack for school.
Hope you enjoyed this review.  I do highly recommend this bag.  Feel free to leave4 a comment on the YouTube video or on this blog here.  Also be sure to check out our podcasts.  The Daily Impact and Make and Impact.  Both available on iTunes and both are performance improving podcasts.
Until the next review Go Out and Make An Impact!
Peter Szpakowski


Likes Dislikes
  • Very Durable
  • Affordable
  • Interior Organizer
  • Strap that is attached to one side but can be folded up and put into pockets
  • Side pocket mesh is very thick and durable.  Should not tear easily like other bags.
  • Plane
  • Options to use organizer or removed to use as a more traditional lunch box
  • More appealing design
  • Exterior Options for kids lunch boxes are limited but are still good.
  • Not much to not like.

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