TRIPLE TREE Watch Roll, Travel Watch Case for 3 Watches with Velvet Sections Product Review

TRIPLE TREE Watch Roll, Travel Watch Case for 3 Watches with Velvet Sections Product Review

TRIPLE TREE Watch Roll, Travel Watch Case for 3 Watches with Velvet Sections Product Review

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Overall Quality Durability Cost
Love It! Average Average Less Than $20
Design Handles Size Market
Looks Nice Excellent travel case for your watches.  3.5 inches wide so not bad for me but might be hard to hold for somebody with smallish hands 7.5 X 3.5 Anyone who loves their watches and wants to protect them.
Overall Comments I love my watches and it’s important to protect them.  For the cost and the quality at this price range you can’t beat it.  Recommend for anyone that wants to protect their watches at home, at the gym, or even travel.  The size of the pillows are great for Men’s or Woman’s watches and Men’s or Woman’s bracelets.
I absolutely LOVE watches.  From Health and Fitness watches, to  smart watches, to fashionable watches.  Because of this I find I wear more than one watch a day.  I wear my Garmin when I workout and I wear either my Apple Watch or my other fashion watches any other time depending on what is planned for my day.  If I have to set a lot of alarms it’s easier for me to do on my Apple Watch.  Otherwise I wear one of my fashion watches during the day.
Because I have a good amount of investments in my watches and most of them have a memory behind them for me it’s important to protect them.  I have seen so many people at the gym when pulling clothes out of the locker their watch was mixed in some how and they fall and smash on the floor.  Since witnessing that so many times and having it happen to me once with an Apple Watch and once with another fossil watch I can’t buy any longer I needed a way to protect them.  For less than 20 bucks on amazon this Triple Tree Watch Roll has been fantastic.  It protects as good as a high end watch holder.
I also travel a lot.  While I travel I also workout so I need to have two or three different watches with me when I travel.  This watch roll allows me to pack two or three different watches while I also wear one.  If you wear bracelets you can easily use one or more of the pillows to carry you’re watches and bracelets.
The interior is nice and is lined with a velvet interior to prevent scratches and scuffs.  The exterior is made of PU Leather and is very durable.  The case measures 7.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Each interior pillow is also velvet and is perfect for Mens or Woman’s watches.
Durability:  The watch holder is very solid.  I’m not sure how much weight it would take to crush it but I have tried some tests by squeezing the holder and putting pressure on it with my foot.  I’m close to 250 lbs so I don’t think it would withstand me standing on it.  I had some concerns with the PU leather but I have used it often and it still looks new.  The PU Leather exterior still looks new.  It does not even have a scratch on it yet and it’s been in luggage and in my gym bag where it can easily be scratched by all the weight belts, shoes, exercise accessories I have in my gym bag.
I would highly recommend the Triple Tree Watch Roll.  Whether you just need something to protect your watches in your drawer at home, in a gym bag, or during travel you can’t beat this holder that is less than $20.
Likes Dislikes
  • Can’t beat $20
  • Holds three watches
  • Pillows are nice for men’s or woman’s watches or bracelets.
  • The exterior is pretty durable and crush resistant.
  • Can’t complain about anything with it being less than $20.

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