038 – Culture and Strategy. What do you need?

by | Jan 12, 2020 | 0 comments

Culture will eat strategy for breakfast.
In life culture is a powerful thing
It shapes beliefs, 
It sets directions
It sets the tone in conversations
It has started wars
What is the culture like in your life
Are you creating the culture or contributing to the culture you want?
Are you somebody that goes around with a bad attitude?
Spreading gossip
This is the culture you are developing
The characteristics you feed are the characteristics that will grow
Somebody that feeds the gossip moster or the negativity monster.  These are the feelings that will grow in your life.
The positive culture.  The I can do anything culture, or just try to stop me culture. 
A culture of love, of positivitiy
Feed the positive culture
It does not matter how great of a strategy you have culture will eat strategy for breakfast and if you don’t have a great culture you will fail or make life so much harder.

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