043 – How do you know what standards you should make? Tony Robbins

by | Jan 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Your standards should be part of your shoulds.  You’re musts.  When things are a must you will do whatever you need to do to get those done.  People don’t always get their goals but people always get their musts.
If you really want something.  Start making it a must.
When things become a must.  Medical condition, finances , etc.  We will do whatever we need to do to achieve.
Our standards are something we always do. What is your standard?  A standard of living?  A standard in our behavior.  A standards in how we treat people?
No matter how hard or how difficult something is when we make it a standards we do anything to achieve it.
If you want to accomplish more.  If you want to be more successful at what we do.  Make our shoulds a must.  Make them a standard.  You will achieve so much more in life when you start making things your standards.

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