045 – Get in your head your dead

by | Jan 20, 2020 | 0 comments

In this podcast episode we talk about Get in your head your dead.
I was a Personal trainer for years.  People could always push more.
I’ve been in management for decades and people could always push more or produce better work.
People drop out of high school their senior year.
People drop out of college 1 semester away from graduating.
Why do people do that?
They get in their head.  It could be multiple reasons.  But if you get in your head your dead.  If you are somebody that over thinks or gives up to early or easily because you start thinking about things that could happen stop.  You need to change your state right away.  You need to be positive.  If it’s something that makes you want to give up think of a time you just dominated.  You were a beast.  If you need to think of a superhero like Iron Man or Captain America, Superman, Batman.  Think about how they are so unstoppable and nothing is going to stop you.  If it’s depression force yourself to laugh.  If you saw the Joker movie there is a part where he just starts laughing and laughing on the subway.  Try it.  I bet you can’t help but laugh and feel happy.
So lead with your heart.  Be intentional the next time you find yourself getting in your head.  If you stay there your dead.

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