Last week we reviewed what a SWOT Analysis is.  This week we start to build a SWOT Analysis for you or your business.  This is a very good exercise to perform 2 – 3 times a year and revisit the results each time.

Strengths are what drive us in hard times.  Strengths are what brings us joy in our hobbies, family, and business.  It’s important for us as individuals or businesses to understand our strengths.  These are traits that make us strong, smarter, and wiser in our life and in our businesses.

We all have strengths!  What are some of the Strengths you or your business has?  Take a piece of paper and draw a line going down the center of the paper and one going across the middle of the paper.   This will create a cross and have four equal sections.  On the paper in the upper left hand corner write the word strengths.  Now brainstorm and write down as many strengths that you or your business has.  You may even want to ask people what some of the strengths are.  The important thing here is to be honest.

Now look at what you wrote down.  Are these all your strengths?  It will be important at the end of this week to have a good understanding of what your strengths are.