So many people struggle to get more friends, to get more business relations.  If you want to get more friends and get more business relations the formula is easy.  Maybe you want to be better friends with the ones you already have.  Maybe you want to have better business relations with the ones you already have.

The secret formula is this:

You will aquire more friends in 2 months being interested in them than you will aquire in two years wanting people to be interested in you.

How many times when people tell you about their weekend or a business deal you respond with relating it to something you did?  It might seem simple to do that because it’s natural.  We want to tell people about things that happen to us.  It’s not natural for as many to listen to people and respond with happiness for them or saying how great it is.  People are drawn to those that they feel want to hear about them.  Not to those that always have an opinion.

Action Based Training:

Ask somebody how their week is going. Ask about how their weekend was, or something they are excited about at work.  Maybe their is somebody who has started a new job, got a new car.  Ask them how it is and just listen.  Don’t respond relating back to something in your life.  If the person is happy about something tell them you are happy for them.  If their is somebody sad tell them you are their to listen.  If they need somebody to listen.  Don’t respond back relating it to something in your life or somebody you know.  Just listen.  Don’t just do this today, try to make it a habit with people at work, new people you meet, etc.  You will be see it is true about the secret formula.