Many people get into blogging because they want to write about something they love.  If people start blogging because they feel it will help them get ahead in their business or their industry and don’t love what they do or don’t love what they are blogging about then they might have a surprise coming.  If you love your job and you love what you do then blogging is an excellent idea if not one of the best ways to get promoted (achievement and accomplishments are two of the best ways to get promoted).  Even a high quality blog on an unrelated topic to your career could be beneficial.  You just have to present it in such a way that it puts you over other candidates.  A great blog can be one of the best references on a resume or cover letter.  If you have a high quality blog and blog about what you love it can even be a conversation piece during an interview.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you start blogging.

Do you love the industry you are in?  This question does not have anything to do with blogging but don’t think getting promoted will make anything better.  If you don’t love your current job figure out what you can do so that you do love it or think about changing jobs.  Getting promoted in an area you don’t love will only add to the stress and frustration you already have.

Do you love the topic you will blog about?  If you don’t love the topic you are going to blog about it will be hard.  If you don’t love the topic you are going to blog about your readers will notice.  When readers notice you don’t like what you are blogging about you will not build the type of following you need to have a high quality blog.  You want to build a community that is interacting and growing.  It will be hard to come up with new blogs at the right pace.

What should you blog about?  It does not matter as long as you Love the topic.  Make sure you are blogging high quality material and material people want to read.

How often should you blog?  There are two answers here.  Blog consistently and blog at least once a week.  It is important that you blog consistently and you blog on a regular basis.  Some people might be gung-ho at first and try to blog 2, 3, 7 days a week.  Rather then blog more than once a week make sure you schedule your blogs one week apart.  Once you have 2 or 3 months of weekly blogs in the queue then you can go back and post bonus posts.  Make sure your readers know if you post a second blog of the week they know it’s a bonus blog so they don’t come to expect more than one article every week.  Once you have one month of bonus blogs and you remain 2 or 3 months scheduled of weekly blogs you can increase the consistency.

How can you use the blog during a job search?  Make sure you include a link to your high quality blog on your resume and on your cover letter. It’s a good idea to dedicate one paragraph on your cover letter to your blog and give examples of some of the articles.

How to use your blog during an interview?  Bring up that you feel you are a strong candidate because you love what you do and you have a proven track record.  Then bring up that you love the topic so much that you even blog on the topic.  Mention your website name and tell the person doing the interview if they want to go to your blog now you can walk them through it.  Also have the web address printed on a piece of paper or a card you can give them for later use.  A printout of your most popular blogs are a great way to build a portfolio.

So while a blog is a great idea if you don’t handle it properly it can turn out to work against you.  You will want to get an established blog.  Having a blog only one or two months old won’t be as impressive as one that you have been running for six months or longer and have an engaged community.

Happy Blogging!