What is your Leadership to Management Ratio?

Balancing your Leadership to Management Ratio is an important factor when becoming a better Leader.  What makes it very difficult is when you don’t know the difference between the two.  Just to clarify the difference lets briefly describe some of the key traits of each:

Leadership: Interest in the Individual, Good Listener, Forward Looking, Visionary, Honest, Mission Driven, Say Thank You, Gives Compliments, Understanding, Goal Oriented, Competent, Influences Teamwork, A Can Do Attitude, Gives Credit Where Credit is Due, Asks Questions Without Giving an Opinion, Provides Motivation, Shares Authority, etc.

Management:  Disciplinary, Results Oriented, Enforcer, Sets Consequences, Assigns Tasks, Monitors, Makes the Hard Decision, Sets Rules.

These management styles are not the old school management styles.  Hard Nose, Enforcer, Yelling, Swearing, Insulting, etc.  Todays Managers need to learn to balance the styles listed above to stay on task and boost moral.

So what is the proper ratio to really maximize Leadership?  A good rule of thumb is 8:2 or 9:1.  You should be spending between 80 – 90 percent of your time on those tasks under Leadership and only 10 – 20 percent of your time on those tasks under Management.  What is your ratio?  Most people fall some where 50/50 or sadly they lean more towards the management side of the ratio.

Action Based Training:

Your assignment after reading this Blog is to go and create a score card.  Actually write it down.  Don’t do this in your head. Create two columns and label one Leadership and the other Management.  For one week go about your business as usual and every time you find yourself doing one Leadership task put a check in the column under Leadership.  Every time you find yourself doing a Management task put a check in the column under Management.  At the end of the week you can build your ratio.  Do the same thing the next week but this time rather than doing business as usual see if you can work on improving the number of checks in the Leadership column.  Over time this will become natural to you and you will start doing more of the Leadership actions naturally.

Do this assignment for both your home and work life (Two Separate Scorecards).  You will be amazed by improving your Leadership skills at home your whole life will become better.