With today being Labor Day in the United States I want to extend a challenge to every reader of this blog.  Unplug and enjoy the day.  No cell phone, no computer, and if your brave enough no TV!  It’s important for our bodies and our mind to recharge.  People need to take breaks during the day and during the week.  Unplugging can improve productivity!

Recently I was at home for vacation for one week.  I was forced to go unplugged from most of the technology we have in the home.  The local cable companies central office burned down.  This is where cable and internet is distributed to the neighborhoods.  All services were unavailable.  This included Cable, DVR, Internet, and my home phone.  Let me say it was fantastic!  I spent more time with the kids, the kids spent more time with me.  This lasted for over three days and by the time it was over I was completely recharge.  I was full of new ideas, a new surge of energy to do some of the hardest tasks I had coming at me.

So if your up to it try to unplug for at least one day.  Why not even give it a shot for an entire weekend.  I promise you will have a mindset that is completely recharged and ready for the new tasks ahead.  At the end of your unplugging sit with a notebook and jot down new ideas, new goals, new directions, get innovative and create your map on where you are going over the next 6 – 12 months.  Enjoy!