Do your mornings start like mine? You get into the office, boot up the computer, get a cup of coffee and then the first thing you do is check your inbox.  Let the urgency begin!!! Immediately you get overwhelmed by all the messages. All the questions. All the needs. The need to put out all the fires. Many times somebodies urgent task for you is because they failed to plan.  So you start your day out on the wrong foot.

What if you ignored your email inbox for the first two hours of work? You would be able to:

1. Get clear on the days objectives.
2. Set priorities
3. Start the day with a clear mind.
4. Actually get the most important task started for the day and not the most urgent.
5. Allows you to be proactive rather than reactive.
6. Reduce Stress.

About a year ago I changed my morning strategies. The first thing I do in the morning is journal and then check my todo list. I rank my todo list for the day and then I start on my most important task of the day. Often I won’t even check email until my most important task for the day is complete. I’ve even had days where an entire day goes by and I did not even check email. You know those fire drills you would have to put out if you checked email first thing in the morning? They were not that urgent in the first place.  The task becomes not needed or not urgent.

This problem of email in the morning has grown to be known as Email Hell, Email Jail, etc.  Don’t fall in this trap.  Change it up.  Don’t be like all the others who check email first thing in the morning.  Actually get out and start out doing something each day.  This will differentiate yourself over the others who get side tracked because they check email.

If you try this one task you will see how much more productive you get. So much more productive in the work that matters. Not the work that matters for the short term.

Let us know what other ways putting off email could help you. Have a real life example let us know.