A SWOT Analysis is one of the simplest tools to help take business and lives to the next level.  A SWOT analysis is a simple tool that should be completed once or twice a year. A SWOT analysis will get you thinking about what areas you are good at and how you need to improve.  A SWOT is a  simple tool to highlight to you the areas you should be focusing on for opportunities and threats.  A SWOT analysis can be done as a team or even with a group of advisors.  If your looking to improve you can fill one out for yourself.  You could also have other people fill one out for you.  This will help you understand how others perceive you.  A SWOT can be for individuals or a company / Team as a whole.  People or businesses can have many SWOT’s.

Here are the simple steps to fill out your SWOT.  Once you are done you can build goals or plan around any action items that are the result of doing a SWOT Analysis.

Strengths – Write down the strengths you or your organization have.  These are strengths you will want to improve and keep building them stronger.

Weaknesses – Write down the weaknesses you posses.  These could be a risk to your individual goals or weaknesses of your organization.  If you are doing this exercise as an individual its rare that you will want to improve your weaknesses.  Just understand what your weaknesses are.  Keep building your strengths to offset your weaknesses.  If your a business or an organization you will want to build action steps to improve your weaknesses.  Put plans in place to mitigate an impact due to a weakness.

Opportunities – Write down any opportunities that could help you with your personal goals or any business opportunities that could help you with your business goals.   These are areas where you can see attainable benefits or attainable accomplishments.  For this section you want to break it down into two categories.  Internal and external opportunities.

Threats – Threats are anything that are risks which could throw you off coarse or put you out of business.  These too should be broken down to internal and external threats.

The main purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking.  Think about your current situation.  It gets you thinking more strategic about the future and not so focused on the now.  If done right this is a powerful tool.

Action Based Training:

Create your own SWOT Analysis for your life, your career, or your Business.  We are providing you with a template below to use.  This is developed to be shared or presented as part of a presentation.  Enjoy

Download your SWOT Analysis Template By Clicking Here