We all have many aspects of our lives.  Family, Work, Church, our extra curricular activities, friends, and so many different other areas that give us the chance to be somebody different in every given situation.  I know people that are the cursing tyrant type of person at work and then come home and are a loving caring person with the family.  I know people that treat the people at work better then they treat their own family.  You have the person who is terrible at home, terrible at work, and then is a saint when attending church.

Why do people spend so much time living to please people in different ways?  This adds stress and inconsistency that the person even becomes confused who they are.  People can be different around certain people that even their own spouse or mother wouldn’t recognize them.  Why do you think the phrase “Do you kiss your momma with that mouth?” is so popular.  People will say things in one situation they would never say in another. They would say one thing to somebody they would never say to another. We won’t bring up email or text messages. That can bring on a different type of person all together.

The fact is life in all aspects, social, career, financial, spiritual, physical, and mental become better and easier if you are the same person all the time.  Become the same person even when nobody is looking.

What does this person look like?  The person is a person that shows love to people.  Shows love to anybody no matter what.  Encourage people.  Show people you care about what they are saying.  Be the person that picks up a piece of garbage off the floor at work rather then walk past it even when nobody is looking.  If you practice being the type of person that has an infectious personality even when nobody is looking it’s easy to become that person all the time.  In any given situation.  Don’t be the person that talks about others in a negative way.  When you do say something about a person be positive. When you hear somebody speaking negatively about another say two or three good things about that person.

Be the type of person that brings less stress in your life.  One that the kids love to have around and are sad when you have to go to work.  Be the person at work that people miss when you are not there.  The type of person that others want to emulate.  If you start doing this it will spread to others.  Your work place will become the type of work place that people never want to leave and where they feel like family and the work they do is appreciated.  Be the person that says thank you to everyone who does something even when it’s the smallest thing.  Hold the door for a stranger.  Open the door for your spouse or co worker.  Ask people how they are doing.  I recently had a vacation where this photographer was taking pictures for hours.  When it was my turn next I was standing next to her and asked how she was doing.  She turned and looked at me and said you are the first person who asked me that all day.  Her face lit up, she felt appreciated, and I may have given her just what she needed to make her day a little better.  Who knows she maybe had a bad day up until that point and that could have helped her day turn around.  I will never know but the fact is that the slightest thing can help people go from a good day to a bad day.

Be the same person.  The same person that spreads joy, encouragement, love, and a positive outlook.  Be that person.  Even when nobody is looking.